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Friends Only

credit: augustian_silk
requirements for friending after the cut

*Have an open mind! I love people with different thoughts and opinions, but I'll only accept you if you accept me. Common courtesy, you know? 8D

*I'm easily excited so CAPITAL LETTERS, italics, and keysmashing are sort of common. If you're annoyed by this turn away now.

*I'd love it if we had some common interests; it just makes talking easier. I love music, art, drama, writing, computers and science so it's really not hard to find things in common with people.

*If you just want me for my writing (which is totally fine!) you can go to fizzickz, my writing journal type thing. I'll post everything else here (stuff about school, family, friends, bands, pictures, squeals and pretty much everything else).

*You have to ask here first, so if you want me to friend you, comment here (or send me a message if you're somehow opposed to commenting?) 8D
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